An Effective Approach to Distance Learning for Preschoolers

December 18, 2020

The pandemic has created a global movement for distance or remote learning. Just about every school is now experienced in this method of learning after having conducted distance learning for months. However, this form of learning differs for every age and it is not a one size fits all method. Here you’ll read how we go about making it effective and engaging in Matrix Early Years.


Learning is Dynamic

Children aged 3-6 requires a more dynamic approach and our Early Years educators promote curiosity through play by creating activities with materials that ignite children’s learning. We place the utmost importance in supporting these core principles in our online learning lessons.

Parent-Teacher Partnership

Working hand in hand with parents makes learning much more meaningful. Given a child’s short attention span, it is crucial to work alongside parents to be part of the classroom experience. We make it possible to work with parents to establish concrete play-based learning that is beyond the screen.

Controlled Exposure to Screen Time

We keep online classes short at a maximum of 30 minutes per subject session and we provide tools or materials to foster learning interactively from home.

Lessons are just like in School

Children get to interact during ‘live’ lessons with their teachers. With modern day cameras and webcams, the children would feel that they are in the class with the teacher.

Creative Learning Box for Home-Based Learning

Children between ages 2 to 7 are still in the preoperational stage. It is developmentally inappropriate to expect their learning to be entirely screen-based so our teachers have planned a creative learning box that allows children to learn through the activities in the box. Online learning is to ensure that the children do not miss out on the fun of school or be affected emotionally with the sudden closure of school.

Learning Support at Your Convenience

Every parent has other responsibilities besides supporting their child’s online learning and with that in mind, all lessons are recorded and sent to parents. They can then support their children’s learning at a time of convenient to them.

As educators in the Early Years, we ensure children learn together even when we are apart. We take delight in the process of teaching by constantly reflecting on how to improve the way we teach online so that we can we give our best to the children.