Distance Learning: Keeping it Going with Tech

Distance Learning: Keeping it Going with Tech

April 1, 2020

It’s the start of the new term for us and COVID-19 has created many challenges to keep learning going on. The situation has created a physical distance between learner and teacher. 

However, when we take a look at it from a brighter perspective, the opportunity is to be challenged as educators and learners on how we can all keep growing. You can learn anywhere, anytime with the tech that we have today. 

It’s the start of the new term and we are moving to Distance Learning but how  exactly are we executing this? We have added new structures for the older age group (Upper Primary and Secondary) and here’s how it looks.


We’ve made the schedule predictable to make it easy for everyone. The timetable is planned out across the next four weeks, which allows better planning for student,  teacher and parent.



Every subject is now on a digital platform. To name a few, that includes Maths, English, Science, History and even Art! Every student is going to be jumping on subjects on Google Classroom. Students will be invited to the virtual classrooms by their teachers where the learning happens. No subjects are left out in Google Classroom. 


Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom? Think of it as a social platform that allows interaction between teacher and student. All parents and students are given passwords to logon. 

It has plenty of features that allows teachers to share materials, answer questions and do the usual interaction in class digitally. Students will be able to see what they need to work on for the week, ask questions and submit worksheets. 

Everything that is done in a physical classroom is replicated in Google Classroom but with a digital twist. Not to mention, parents are also invited into these classrooms as a guest. Parents can peek into what’s going on in class without physically being there.


Homework or Revision!

Yes, worksheets, homeworks and revision will be given to every student depending on the subject. They will have to submit a task or a project and with Google Classroom, since you are in the classroom, you will get the reminder as well. Due dates will be communicated and materials can be downloaded and printed physically if you prefer to view things on paper, and reduce screen time. 


Student Help

Just like a physical class, students will still be attended to by their teachers. Since Google Classroom is a forum-like setup, every answer to a question is personalised. Teachers are present to help every student and instead of raising hands, just simply type a question into the textbox. Teachers are available to respond to questions and work from 8am-430pm from Mondays to Fridays.


IT Help 

From an in-school survey we are aware that some students do not have sole access to a device, and we have provided support to families for online learning. Both parent and student can reach the IT Team by sending an email to raise a ticket for support. 

If there are concerns  about the distance learning experience, the relevant Head of School is ever ready to assist as well. Not to mention the Heads are constantly monitoring progress. 

This structure is designed to keep learning engaging with the hope to replicate a physical classroom. The learning here will continue to grow in the online space and we’re committed to making this experience a fantastic one for every student and parent.