From the moment you walk through the door, you can hear the buzz of happy, confident children hard at learning. Our spacious setting is engaging and warm, and benefits from the school’s playing areas, library and technology.

We follow the International Early Years Programme from the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which is suited to the interests and natural curiosity of boys and girls.

Our well trained and experienced teachers are dedicated to maximise every child’s potentials and help them to make grow in their skills and abilities. The teachers do this by creating an atmosphere where children can explore and learn how to express themselves verbally, mentally and physically.

This is a caring, challenging and inclusive environment where students feel happy and safe. The children make excellent progress in all aspects of their learning and are given the best possible start to their education.

group of kids playing in the game room

The Programme

Our programme is designed for children aged 3 to 6. The curriculum revolves around activities that enhance each child’s cognitive, social, gross motor, fine motor, creativity and many other skills. This is to prepare the children for their next learning pathway in primary school.

Available Programmes

There are several options for parents to choose from. Each programme is designed not just with the extension of time but more activities to keep students engaged in learning. Food is provided in the extended and full day programme.

• Half day programme (8.00am – 12.30pm)
• Extended programme (8.00am – 3.00pm)
• Full day programme (8.00am – 5.00pm)

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Play-Based Learning

The Early Years curriculum conducts a play-based learning approach to strengthen a child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional abilities. Play is an essential part a child’s learning and development. When children are engaged in play, their imaginations will be enhanced and their minds will be stimulated to be more receptive.

International Minded Children

Students are taught to understand that the world is a much larger community in which they live and they have to tolerance and respect other cultures and languages. The school weighs in heavily on being internationally minded through the celebrations and activities. Students will learn about different traditions by experience which is the key to developing an understanding to connect with those outside their world.

What Makes The Full Day Programme Special?

Have you ever wondered what is your child’s learning journey at Preschool? Following the Full Day Programme, your child will be exposed to a wide range of learning opportunities through our exciting and unique enrichment programmes and Preschoolers Club.

Enrichment Programmes

Students who enrol into the afternoon programmes will be engaged to reach cognitive, physical, social and emotional developmental milestones. The best part about the afternoon sessions is that the kids love them! When children are having fun, they become intrinsically motivated to take control of their own learning. For this reason, we set out to build an enrichment programme that is really exciting.

Computer Whiz

Computing for students is designed to make them tech ready for the future. Students will work with a variety of educational programs designed to boost their math and reading abilities, creativity, imagination, problem-solving and listening skills.

Speech & Drama

Speech and drama classes are designed to allow students to work on developing their soft skills and boosting their confidence. Students will be presented with new challenges at every lesson which will help them think out of the box.

Music & Movement

Physical activity facilitates gross-motor development and artistic expression through dance and movement lessons. Music is also introduced from the basics of music theory, rhythm and vocal control. 

Little Chef

Hands-on cooking and baking will get students excited about nutrition and trying out new recipes. Students will learn basic cooking skills from preparation, understanding the theories on food types and be the little master of their own kitchen! 

Mandarin & Bahasa Language

In these series of classes, children will be exposed to fundamentals of Mandarin and Bahasa languages, including numbers, colours and nouns. 

Backyard Science

Exposure to science can help children develop critical thinking skills while sparking their interest about the environment. Students will be exposed to the fundamentals of science while participating in eye-opening experiments. 

Preschoolers Club

The early years are the time to build a strong foundation in all developmental areas. From alphabet to mathematics to science, sensory and problem solve, these are the essential developmental skills for the kids.

Matrix International Early Years encourages all areas of proper development, from cognitive and social to speech and language. Join our Preschoolers Club that makes learning fun and hands-on for the little ones to develop to their fullest potential.

Library Club/
Reading Club

Students are introduced to creative activities like drama, storytelling, poetry reading and story-making.

Self Construction

Students will be given opportunities to acquire and develop self-help skills, practical life, sensorial, language and mathematical skills.

Analytical Club

Problem-solving skills are explored using puzzle blocks, games and other analytical based activities.

Expressive Creativity Club

Students are introduced to art activities, dance and drama.


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