Going Back to School After MCO? Here’s What You Need to Know

MGS school reopening

June 19, 2020

MGS school reopening
Welcoming students back after MCO on 24th June 2020

The school gates will open after a three month hiatus due to the MCO on Wednesday, 24 June. We’ve all been waiting for this day, students, teachers and parents can’t wait to get back to school again. However, things will look a little different when everyone steps back into school. 

The Ministry of Education has placed strict guidelines for all schools to follow. These guidelines are not meant to make it painful to be in school but to protect everyone. We will all work together and build good habits to keep our community safe!  

You will notice a lot of changes in the school and here are the top 6 ways we are keeping safe and well at school.

Temperature Checks

This is very important to you and everyone else. Every morning we’ll record your temperature. If you have a temperature of 37.5c and above you’ll need to go to the designated medical room where you will be looked after and wait to be collected by your guardian or parent.  Why? This will help stop the spread of any form of virus, not just Covid19. It is to keep everyone safe. If at any time, you are not feeling well, please do not come to school and let your teacher know. It’s better that you are healthy before coming back to school. 

Entering & Exiting 

You will be dropped off the same location but picked up at a separate location. This may take some getting used to. In time, you will all remember your new designated locations to enter and exit the school premise.  Unfortunately hanging out after school cannot happen anymore. As soon as you finish class at the end of the day, head right home! Also, parents will not be coming down to usher you into the car, you’ll need to line up, wait and get into your car at the designated pickup area. 

Markers, markers and markers

Almost every location has a black and yellow marker to guide your step. Follow each and every one of them and maintain a good 1 metre distance between your classmates. May it be to the washroom, using the elevators, lining up for food at the canteen and even entering classrooms, we urge you to follow them. 

Your hands, keep them clean!

A big part of a new normal is keeping hands clean. You will sanitise your hands before entering the school and each room you enter. You should have clean hands during meal times or post toilet breaks, wash your hands and keep them clean at all times. 

Keep it one meter apart

Social distancing, you’ve heard plenty about it and it is going to be a school-wide practice – in the canteen, classrooms, toilets and almost every other location. Maintain a good distance at all times because it’ll help prevent the spread of any form of viruses. It will feel strange to be far apart but we hope this is temporary. Remember, keep a good distance. 

Is this the end of sports and CCA? 

Hold on! We’re all ready to kick off sports once we get the instruction from the Ministry of Education. The sports halls, sports complex, changing rooms, and all things sports, are set up with preventive measures in place, for when it’s safe and sport gets the green light to start! While we all wait to release our energy out on the field, we urge you to stay active at home. Kick a ball, run around or workout, do anything to keep your body active. 

We’ve also made a video showing you everything that is in place right before you step in next week. Check it out on the MGS Facebook page or click this link.

That’s the top six you should know for now. We’re psyched to see all of you back in school but unfortunately we can’t see all of you. Sooner or later, everyone will be back. For Year 10 and Form 5, see you back in school on Wednesday, 24 June!