Holistic Education in Matrix Global Schools

Learning about yeast in Biology

4 August 2023

Here at MGS, education is a commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents with great expectations. We are not only focused on academic excellence but committed to the holistic development of the student’s personality as well.

Learning about yeast in Biology

Holistic education is an approach to teaching that focuses on the academic, physical and social needs of students. In this educational approach, the focus is on the positive environment of the school and also on the student’s ability to reflect on their positive social behaviours. We use the transformative approach for learning in which the students learn through different experiential and contextual strategies. They work in groups and improve their skills and abilities in hands-on classroom and school-based projects.

We also provide space for students to self-learning. This means that the students are allowed to learn at their own pace. In this way, teachers teach students in the best possible way and are always mindful of the need to help them improve their self-esteem and self-confidence. MPS teachers build connections with families, organisations and community members and conduct various programmes for the students such as field trips, International Days, Sports Day, etc. These endeavours go a long way to instil strong values by combining academic and non-academic activities in children.

Mr. Praba has 17 years of education experience in the education sector. His vast experience in managing different divisions in schools ie; School Events, Pastoral, CCA, and Academic sections in both Primary and Secondary schools made him a well-versed person in school management. His impressive education qualification like PGDT, CIDTT Bachelor in Management (Hons) LCCI has also made him the right person to chair the position.