Is Social Distancing in the Early Years Possible? Here Is How We Do It

January 29, 2021

As we officially reopen on 25th January 2021, we are really sure that there are many questions around how to keep our social distance within the classroom whilst re-introducing children back to the routine of preschool. Ideally, in order for us to follow the requirements set by the MoE, we need to do our homework first to understand the MoE requirements and hold a trial run with our staff to ensure that the returning children’s health and safety are well protected. 


Here are some ways of social distancing that we practise in our Early Years. 


  • Reducing the number in each classroom allows for better social distancing. 


  • Same group of children and teachers every day – each class will have designated teachers who stay with the class ‘bubble’ the whole day.


  • No group activities – each child works at his/her table/space.


  • No outdoor playground times – play activities are done in class.


  • No sharing of materials used – children are given a set of toys/activity materials to work independently.


  • Cribs are apart for students on a full day programme during their nap time.


  • No visitors or parents are allowed in the Early Years area during school hour
  • Staggered pick-up times – students are picked up at staggered times with parents staying inside their vehicles


  • SOP on temperature to be followed – temperature is taken before school and after school.


In addition to the above measures, school activities like festive celebrations will be conducted virtually. Staff and students will be constantly reminded to wear face masks, wash their hands frequently and keep their social distance from each other. We are all looking forward to a Covid free environment to enjoy our teaching and learning in school.

Ms. Adrinna (Head of Matrix International Early Years) has held various positions in the Early Years education industry for many years, including working with special needs children in both local and international learning environments. Her corporate experience in banking has helped her manage the school efficiently while taking into account the personal needs of all students.