Your Learning Journey at Matrix Global Schools

We welcome day students and boarders, and offer the choice of British International or Malaysian National curriculums.

We use our expertise, ‘have-it-all’ facilities and supportive network to enable each and every student to have the opportunity to thrive. Students can take advantage of the specialist English Language support and a tremendous range of co-curricular opportunities to discover and pursue their interests to the highest levels.

International Curriculum

We provide high quality international education that prepares every student to be ready to succeed in this challenging 21st century. Our approach is holistic as it more than just academic achievement but skills that enables every student to go further than where they are.

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Malaysian National Curriculum

We approach the national curriculum blending both local and international education. Students benefit from experience and culture that starts from the core subjects of the national curriculum while exposing them to an international environment where English is the primary mode of communication.