MIS Early Years Concert & Graduation

graduation ceremony

MIS Early Years Concert & Graduation

“We are all perfect beyond our imperfection, why do we need to fit in when we can stand out.”

MIS Early Years Concert & Graduation

The above is the beautiful message sent out by our pre-schoolers during our very successful Matrix Early Years’ concert and graduation. The children were fantastic, perfectly at ease on the stage and thoroughly happy and enjoying themselves. These 23 children have graduated and will be moving on to their primary schools to take on new challenges on their journey of learning.

As we approach the end of another busy year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and guardians for the support that they have given to the school. We are looking forward to introducing more exiting learning opportunities for our young ones to better equip them for the 21st century.

These will include coding for our extended ICT programme, exciting outdoor activities like water play, sand play and sensory play. We are also introducing reading books for Malay, English and Mandarin Language.

We are keen to work closely with parents, and the community to ensure the success of our school curriculum and programmes. Happy Holidays to all of you and we look forward to a better and a more fruitful year in 2020!


Adrinna Pierre

Head of Early Years