Why Matrix Global Schools?

Matrix Global Schools

April 21, 2021

Matrix Global Schools (MGS), nestled in the heart of a new modern township in Bandar Sri Sendayan about 15 minutes to Seremban, has grown in popularity and become a prominent landmark of the town. The impressive and majestic building with its state-of-the-art facilities is truly well-poised to produce students who are all rounded and second to none – Nulli Secunda.

MGS At A Glance

MGS Curriculum – the best of east and west.

At MGS, we offer a learning pathway starting from preschool right through to pre-university. Parents can choose from two types of curriculum which is the International and the Private. Each caters to the specific preferences that the parents have. Our programmes aim to challenge our students to be intellectually and persistently curious, responsive, committed and expressive of their ideas. Our goal is to ensure that all will become articulate, courageous and develop a realisation that the world is their classroom and lessons learned are for life. 

Our Matrix International School (MIS) offers the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) at both preschool and primary levels followed by the British National Curriculum (NC) alongside Cambridge CheckPoint and IGCSE at the secondary level and A levels at the pre-university level. 

   The thematic and IPC play-based learning approach in the Early Years and Primary levels which are investigative and explorative in nature creates active, creative and positive minded students. 

   At the secondary level, a wide range of subjects caters to different interests and are taught by experienced teachers from all over the world. Project-based experiential learning enhances students’ understanding to prepare them for life after school. 

   At the pre-university level, students are prepared for a better placement for university. Global Perspectives and Research, a compulsory subject in A Levels is taught by experienced teachers and gives the students a means to improve their research skills and become more critical thinkers and all-round global citizens. 

Our school results for public examinations have been progressively improving with the 2020 IGCSE results topping the record since school started in 2015. 20 students scored 5A*/A and above with 7 students scoring full A*/A.

A*- A = 50.3%

A* – C = 90.1%

A* – G = 99.8%

Grade Point Average (GPA) = 1.70

Our Matrix Private School (MPS) offers the local KSSR/KSSM curriculum at both primary and secondary levels. Small classes and longer hours make the student-centred learning possible. A creative learning environment that involves students with projects and presentations enhances student’s skills and mindset and makes learning more meaningful than just knowledge and facts that they memorise to sit for the examinations.   

For the SPM results of 2019 with our biggest cohort of students (56 of them), we achieved a 100% pass rate in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science, Additional Maths, Art, Islamic Studies and Moral. English, in particular, had half the cohort scoring As. More than 16% of our students scored 8As and above. 

We are awarded among the Top 5 Private Schools in Malaysia by Trusted Malaysia this year for being the best for building student camaraderie and providing avenues to learn sports and the creative and performing arts.

Regardless of which curriculum the parents have chosen, it is our aim to offer a venue that students can benefit from the best of different cultures and the teaching and learning methods of the east and the west. Technology is actively used in most of the subjects to upskill the learning to meet with the demand of the future.

Here are the core values of the school that are benefiting our students and we believe that they will benefit your children too. 

Everyone Caring

We treat everything that we do with utmost care and respect.

  • The welfare of our community is of utmost importance. Measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the community is taken care of. For the COVID -19 pandemic, we have strengthened our SOP to ensure that learning goes on unhindered in a safe environment for all of our students. 
  • Language enrichment programmes are in place specifically for Bahasa Melayu and English for students who need extra support.
  • Among the programmes implemented is the intensive revision lessons which are available to examination year students, to better prepare them for their examinations.
  • Numerous programmes are organised by students and teachers to instil a culture of caring and giving such as raising funds for charity or even spending time with the less fortunate. 

Everyone Learning 

We ensure that learning is a joy and it is always innovating and improving. 

  • Digital learning is where we’re moving towards. With the introduction of the Robotics class in MPS primary, students are exposed to a world of digital learning. Digital animation, coding and designing using digital applications tools are one of the few ways students will be exposed to in their lessons. 
  • Cambridge English, Mathematics and Science are included in our Private School curriculum. These additional elements of learning ensure that our students are given the opportunity to learn beyond their own set curriculum.  
  • The size of our campus allows us to boost experiential-based learning. Creative based subjects are well supported with the facilities and it also allows teachers to go further in non-creative based subjects. 
  • Technology equipment enables our school to replicate physical learning in online learning. Students receive an almost similar experience to learning in a physical classroom during their online lessons.
  • More structured online learning ensures that students’ participation is closely monitored and their progress is easily updated to parents.   
  • For students that prefer to board at a modern and well-equipped boarding, our Boarding House is a great way for students to become more independent and responsible persons with the programmes carefully planned by the Boarding House personnel.  

Everyone Maximising Potential

We are inclusive and actively providing opportunities for students to realise their full potential in academic, creative and sporting activities.

  • Academic rigour is a core and it has been shown that our results are progressively improving. 
  • The spacious and well-equipped environment allows more creative ways for students to be engaged in learning.
  • Classroom sizes of no more than 25 students increase the opportunity for better interaction between students and teachers. Teachers are able to pay more focused attention to the growth of each student.
  • Leadership is emphasised in our students as it builds accountability and responsibility. In place are student councils and prefectorial boards whose members undergo rigorous training programmes to build their leadership skills.  
  • Participation of students in the cultural, national and international celebrations in the performing arts like music, drama and arts as well as various co-curricular activities make them more outstanding and confident.   

Each A Global Citizen

At MGS, everyone is a global citizen where we blend the very best of East and West. Our students learn respect and tolerance to ambition and expressing ideas confidently to make a positive difference.

  • A wider learning exposure is offered to our students where they are exposed to the eastern and western education pedagogy in both the International and Private school when they jointly participate in school-wide activities.
  • To enhance our students’ experience, we encourage them to participate in the competitions that are organised by local or overseas organisations.
  • We are also collaborating with KDH Global Football Club which uses our world-class astroturf field as a training base for their football. The club’s founder, Mr Kim Doo Hyun, is a prominent professional football player who has been playing with the South Korea national team since 2004. He also played in the English Premier League with West Bromwich Albion F.C. from 2008-2009. It is hoped that the collaboration will put our school on the map for junior aspiring footballers from various backgrounds. We are fortunate as KDH also trains our school football team. 

If this interests you, please register your interest here and our education counsellors are more than happy to attend to your questions and queries. Alternatively, you may schedule a visit here.