Media Release

Matrix Global Schools Set and Ready to Welcome All Students Back to School

Media Release

Matrix Global Schools Set and Ready to Welcome All Students Back to School

Bandar Sri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan – 15 July 2020 – Matrix Global Schools (MGS) have been anticipating the return of all its students’ a month before the National Security Council announcement.

MGS welcomed its Standard 5 and 6 as well as its Form 1 to Form 4 students today and it is expected to have all its students back into its schools and hostels, by 22 July 2020.

A sophisticated artificial identification (AI) system is placed at the schools’ entrance which has facial recognition without removing face masks and records the temperature of all students, staff, parents and guardians.

It automatically detects temperature above 37.5 degree Celsius and sends a warning to inform the guards and teachers as a safety feature to ensure the person is sent home or to seek medical advice.   

Markers are indicated at every location within the school to encourage social distancing and students are required to wear a mask at all times in the school. Hand sanitisers are placed in front of classrooms and all entry points.  

Parents and students have been briefed on the schools’ standard operating procedures (SOPs) via its video link sent prior to the schools’ opening date.

Paul Leendert Van Dam whose son is a fourth former in Matrix Private School mentioned that he is happy the schools’ SOPs which was delivered to his email earlier as it was quite extensive and covered most of his concerns.

‘There are security personnel conduct temperature screening of the parent right at the main entrance when we drive in. This assures me that school is serious about taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of the students and staff of the school,’ said Yew Lai Ming, a pre-school parent from Matrix International Early Years.

‘Due to the MCO, we came up with the MGS Care package which gives a savings of 25% in school fees for the current term and a ‘Loan a Device’ programme for parents who need devices for their children’s online learning. In addition to all these, we are now providing 22 days of extra classes in the second half of this year to reinforce the learning done online for the last 4 months,’ said Loh Ghee Juan, Campus Principal.

He further added that MGS has an extensive campus and the classes are kept small for conducive learning which allowed social distancing to be implemented with ease and comfort.

Paul Leedert Van Dam, Matrix Private School Parent with his son.
Yew Lai Ming , Matrix International Early Years Parent with her child.

AI Scanning System

Student temperatures are being scanned before entering the school. Machine has temperature sensor and facial recognition capabilities.