MGS Book Week

June 15, 2022

While various ideas may jump into our minds when asked about the benefits of reading, a much more challenging question can be ‘What is reading?’ This is because the ability to read is a multifaceted process – recognising words, comprehending the words and having fluency. This process requires many years of learning and practice to enable a person to become a capable reader. Alongside this, the benefits of reading have often been promoted within the field of education – improves vocabulary and memory, helps us to relax, develops our imagination and creativity and expands our knowledge. This is why we encourage the development of reading in Matrix Global Schools.

MGS Book Week

As part of our drive to encourage a passion in our students for reading, we organised ‘Book Week’ in MGS from Tuesday 17th May to Friday 20th May. This exciting week allows us to celebrate books and to show an appreciation for the work of various authors and illustrators.  Some of the interesting activities that we arranged for our students were a spelling bee competition, storytelling competition, quizzes, role plays, writing book reviews, dressing up as book characters and giving many opportunities for the MGS community to read independently or to others. 

There are many benefits to having an annual celebration like Book Week in our school calendar. Some of them are:

  • It places a great emphasis on the importance of reading and writing.
  • It allows our students to see how books are beneficial in our everyday lives.
  • It enables our students to experience the fun that comes from reading (as well as writing and speaking and listening).
  • It helps our students understand how reading can lead to improvement in their writing and speaking and listening skills. 
  • It encourages our students to develop their curiosity, creativity and imagination. 
  • It allows different members of our school community to work together to improve the learning of each child. 

Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known by his pen name Dr. Seuss, once said, “The more things you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go.” We hope that this week has continued to inspire and motivate our students to read and that they will reap the benefits of reading daily in school or at home. 

To help nurture positive reading habits at home, we encourage parents to:

  • Read to and/or with your child daily. 
  • Have set time where the family reads.
  • Ensure your child has access to reading material (physical or online).
  • Ask your child to talk to you about what they have been reading.
  • Play games with your child that focus on spelling, grammar, vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Provide a quiet and comfortable space where they can read.

Mr. Andrew Hamilton, Head of Matrix International School who is from Northern Ireland has 10 years of teaching experience. His educational experience, alongside his involvement in youth work, has propelled good practices in his teaching profession. His best moments in teaching are the interactions with the students: the times when they have that ‘Eureka!’ moment, or when he supports them in overcoming their own challenges, or the times they make him smile with their words or actions.