What Is Curve Of Forgetting ?

What Is Curve Of Forgetting ?

April 28, 2022

Many students face the problem of trying to remember what they had learnt in the class from the lesson taught by the teacher.

What Is Curve Of Forgetting ?

A German psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus, carried out an experiment to find out how much information from a one- hour lesson can be remembered after one month. He plotted his findings in the Curve of Forgetting as shown below.

On Day 1, at the end of the lesson when the student understands 100% of what the teacher has taught in the class, the curve goes up to the highest point.

On Day 2, if the student did not revise what was learned in the lesson, the student loses 50%-80% of what he had learned. By Day 7, the student remembers even less and eventually by Day 30, the student is only left with about 20% of what was learned in the one-hour lesson.

This experiment shows the importance of doing revision after learning in school. A student who does revision daily will be able to hold in their long-term memory what was learned in the lesson. Revision needs thinking and drilling skills. Regardless of how busy the student is, it is suggested that the student should set aside at least two hours to do revision daily. Doing topical tests and past year assessment questions are also important to the students to keep them focused on their studies and help them store the learned knowledge in their long term memory.

Try this strategy today and I believe all the students will see improvement in their studies.

What Is Curve Of Forgetting ?

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