Switched-on Students Keep Learning

the two boys enjoy their computer class

Switched-on Students Keep Learning

March 18, 2020

Many schools across the world are temporarily closing, with the COVID-19 situation changing daily, which means we all must adapt our day-to-day routines.

At the push of a button, Matrix Global Schools’ students are continuing their learning journeys online through the power of Google Classrooms.  

Teachers have creatively adapted curriculums to different platforms, students seem to have hit the ground running and we’ve invited parents to explore our online world too.

There is a Google Classroom for every subject at our International Secondary School. So what exactly is Google Classroom? Let’s just say it is a virtual classroom that resembles an actual classroom without physical interaction. It still helps us foster a teaching and learning session at school without being in school.

How exactly does it work?

  1. Every student and parent (Yes, parents!) are invited by a teacher into the classroom with specific access – comment, share materials or invite someone else into the class.
  2. The teacher will then upload the topic of the day in any form (PowerPoint, google slides, you name it).
  3. In the classroom, the teacher can assign homework or any task with a deadline.Every student gets a notification to complete them on email.

With this, learning does not stop! As long as there’s connectivity, classroom sessions carry on and students don’t miss out. There will be challenges that would hinder a physical classroom but with the tech in place, challenges as such can be overcome.

Teacher sends out assignments on Google Classroom.

Here’s an announcement on getting students to complete an assignment and where to complete the task.

Students can submit their tasks from submitting videos, PowerPoint slides and much more!